Manufacturers of Quality Cotton Products for the Dental, Medical, Retail, Veterinary, and Industrial Markets

Cotton/ Rayon Balls

       Cotton Balls

Omnia Premium Cotton Balls are made from 100%  Bleached USP long fiber domestic cotton to high quality standards and are soft and highly absorbent.

Stock Sizes:




     Established 1984

         Rayon Balls

Omnia Premium Rayon Balls are made from long staple viscous Rayon to the highest quality standards.

Stock sizes:



     Retail Poly               Packaging

Omnia's Poly Bag packaging for Cotton Balls is an excellent alternative to bulk packaging.            Available in a variety of bag sizes with sealable zippers, tamper proof perforated tops or plain bags.               

Private labeling is available.

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Medium Cotton Balls

4000/case                          1009153

Large Cotton Balls

2000/case                          1009152

X-Large Cotton Balls

2000/case                            1009164

Medium Rayon Balls

4000/case                            1009163

Large Rayon Balls

2000/case                            1009162

Retail Packaging is available in various bag sizes and bag counts. Standard weight cotton balls are Jumbo, Triple Size and Regular.                                

Special customer counts, sizes and print are available upon request.