Manufacturers of Quality Cotton Products for the Dental, Medical, Retail, Veterinary, and Industrial Markets

Pound/Half Pound Rolls

     Established 1984

 Pound/Half Pound Rolls

Omnia Premium Pound Rolls and Half Pound Rolls are made from 100% Domestic USP long fiber carded cotton. Soft and highly absorbent and are produced to high quality standards. Rolls are approximately 5-1/2 in. diameter and average 12 feet per roll.

Bulk Pound and Half Pound Rolls are bulk cased in a poly bag.

Rolls can be individually bagged and labeled per the customer's request.

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  Product              Case Count             Code

1 Lb. x 12 in. wide              22              8000012

1/2 Lb. x 6 in. wide             44              8000006